Low Cost Pet Insurance Plans – Getting Quality


When shopping for low cost pet insurance plans it is important that you do the proper research. There are a number of companies who offer different plans according to a wide range of factors. It is extremely important that you perform due diligence.

Pet Insurance Facts

In studies done by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Americans spent $15.73 billion in Healthy Paws Low Cost Pet Insurance Plans2015 for their pet health care. This reflects how much pet owners have spent on their pets providing the best medical care possible.

According to ASPCA there are an estimated 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats that are pets. If you take the middle average of both cats and dogs that means there are 75 million dogs and 85million cats for a total of 160 million pets in the U.S.y

The information by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) found that 44.9% of cat owners and 18.7% of dog owners did not take their pet to the vet. This means that 46.835 million cats and 54.225 million dogs went to the vet in the survey year. That is a total of 101.06 million pets have gotten care. The average cost would be $156.00. This is generally paid at time of visit so it is possible that it could cause a hardship.

There is also the possibility of emergency situations like surgery or fracture which would require pet owners to spend as much as $3,000.00. Pet insurance would be able to help you deal with it.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It

Most pet owners think that pet insurance is expensive and a waste of money since they are not going to use it, or Fido is only a pet so they choose not to get any insurance for their dear companions.

Low cost insurance plansMost owners fail to take into consideration the emotional factors present when their pet get sick. However, pet owners fail to realize that in times of medical emergencies, like accidents resulting into fractures or diagnosis of cancer, those who do not have any insurance would pay more compared with just getting insurance.

Speaking from experience, I had a kitten (6 months old) who in the space of ten days went from completely healthy to euthanized. He had a rare form of Feline Infectious Peritonitis that was hard to diagnose. We thought he might get better but this disease is fatal. In the end we spent over $900.00 in ten days.

Pet Insurance Tips

There are a number of low-cost pet insurance plans that will provide good insurance coverage for your pets. You just have to remember basic tips on how you can get pet insurance that will be both good to your pet and your wallet.

• Look for discounts. There are pet insurance companies who would offer discounts for multiple pets. There are also some companies who have discounts offered to members of a specific organization or if the pet underwent training. You just have to ask if they are offering any kind of discounts.

• You need to compare prices to get to the most cost-efficient pet insurance. Get at least three plans and their corresponding prices from different companies. Compare these prices to get a general idea how much you will be spending. Make sure to get the quote based on your preference.

• Pet insurance companies will try to sell a more expensive policy. If you talk to a particular company about their insurance plans they would try to offer you a different and more expensive one. Stick with what you want and what think that we have identified a low-cost pet insurance, we still need to understand its coverage. Unfortunately, there are some pet insurance that would offer low-priced insurance because they will only cover a condition for the first year of the claim. Succeeding years would not be covered. So if your pet has diabetes, then you need to make sure that they recover within a year, because the following year may noLow cost insurance plans longer be covered by your policy.

Another thing that you would need to be conscious of will be the policy deductible. Policy deductible is the amount that you must meet before the reimbursement kicks in. There are pet insurance companies who would sell a low-priced plan but in the end you have to high deductible. This means you are still paying a big amount of money.

Pet Insurance Fine Print

If you have encountered an inexpensive pet insurance and would like to purchase it for your pet, read the fine print carefully. This is to avoid any issues in the future. You can even ask your veterinarian for any recommendation or any opinion regarding this kind of pet insurance.

When shopping for a pet insurance, we tend to look for something that is less expensive. However, it is more important to look for an insurance that would offer us a better value of our money. At the end of the day, you would like to give your pet the best medical or emergency attention and pet insurance enables you to have access to those kind of options.

Pet or Family Member

The main thing that each person must decide is whether your pet is just a pet or a family member. Both answers are correct, but it is crucial to determined this first. Remember you could wind up spending big money when making decisions about your pet when you are emotional.