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Why I Had to Learn About Pet Insurance-Cooper’s Story


It became important for me to learn about pet insurance when my 10 month old kitten Cooper became ill. As I dealt with the highs and lows of his illness I became aware of how expensive treating a sick pet could be. I eventually lost Cooper after 12 days and about $900.00 and I experienced some weird thoughts about how much I should spend on this animal.

The History of My Household Pets

Cooper 2014I had the normal childhood growing up and we always had pets (dogs) around the house. As a kid you tend to take the pet for granted and treat them as if they are always going to be there. Even if your pet dies, you mourn and then get another one. You love them as a member of the family but you are young and there is always another pet around the house.

When I graduated from college, I and got married and started a family. Once again we had the usual pet around the house. As my kids got older we always had pets except now my kids expanded their pet selection to include guinea pigs, fish, rabbits, and turtles. Still we always had that good standby dog. Our dogs ranged from Great Danes, Cocker Spaniel, Shih Tzu, and several mutts.

Finally, my children moved and the pets died and we decided that was it no pets. We got nice furniture, nice house and no pets or children and we lived like that for 15 years. Then the unthinkable happened.

How I Became Attached to Cats

My daughter moved in with two children and two cats. They were going to stay a short time and then move to their own place. Wasn’t happy about the cats but they had no place to go and I didn’t want to send them to the shelter. I agreed they could stay temporarily, the cats not the grandchildren.

I had never had a cat so I wasn’t crazy about them but these were sweet and my wife began to get attached to them so their place in the house started to become more secure. I have to admit that I became attached to one of them when he started to sleep on my desk whenever I went into my office to work. He would stay with me almost all day.

Why We Got Our Own Cats

My daughter finally moved and took her cats but by this time my wife had become so attached that she went out and got a kitten (Cooper). Shortly after that we got a second and then a third. Then my daughter came back and we now had 5 cats. It was crowded but we had the pets and we learned to adjust.

Symptoms of Cooper’s Illness

Then Cooper became sick 3 days after we had gotten our third kitten. He started to lose control of his movement of his back legs but it was just barely noticeable. We went to the vet and they ran extensive tests that all came back negative. The vet told us that he was sick but it was curable with time. I want to say here and now that the vet was outstanding and did everything that she could.

As time went by Coop started to lose more and more mobility and had trouble walking. After a week we went back to the vet and we started a new treatment protocol using different medicines. Copper initially became better but the improvement was short lived and he continued to decline.

As the cat’s health declined I continued to fight and hope that he would improve. He finally became paralyzed from the neck down. I would hold him while he ate and would move him to the water bowl whenever I thought he was thirsty. When he wanted to go to the litter box he would drag himself along and I would put him in the box and hold him.

Every now and then he would show signs of improvement including getting up and walking Learn About pet Insuranceonce for about an hour before regressing back. The other cats were great including cleaning him and sleeping beside him on the floor. I became obsessed with taking care of him and I even slept on the floor once in case he needed help. He would look at you with those forlorn eyes and with a look of “you are suppose to take care of me”.

After 12 days my wife and I took him to the vet and put him to sleep. As I said earlier, I have had a number of pets in my life but this kitten somehow affected me greatly. The vet believes that he had a condition known as “Feline Infectious Peritonitis” in something called a dry form which has unusual symptoms. Whatever it was, I believe the vet and the staff did everything they could and were as caring and sensitive toward my family as possible.

Do the Research And Learn About Pet Insurance

This brings me to the point of the pet insurance. I spent approximately $600.00 on Cooper and during the course of his illness I had the terrible feeling that this was not worth it and I couldn’t afford this. I immediately felt terrible and guilty for this feeling and have now convinced myself that I put Cooper down because that was the best thing for him.

The thing is these pets don’t ask for much except that you care for them. It is possible that you do not need any pet insurance, but you owe it to your pet to at least do the research and find out.

Cooper’s story is true. I put this website up because of the guilt that I feel for this 10 month old kitten. Maybe his story will affect other pet owners and they will at least do the research to see if they might need pet insurance.